Interior Design Approach

I would love to get to know you better. A simple phonecall or scheduled online meeting is a first step to find out whether we match before we decide to start our journey. This personal contact is a brief phonecall to discuss your struggles, wishes and your desires to create your ultimate dream home.

It is also possible that we meet up at the location. Just tell me how you use your space, show me your daily moves, what are your rituals and what this space means to you. This way I get a very clear idea about your needs. I’m sure I can give you a well tailormade advice. 

“Find out, ask questions, listen carefully, interpretate it and deliver it in an amazing interior design”. These are my strengths.

I would love to embark on a fun journey with you. After all, a good design starts with a good question and a cup of coffee? Don’t you think?


Get To Know You

It begins with a warm hello. During this personal call (or a meetup at your location) we talk about your space and interior design questions. Together we will discuss your future project, your interior taste, lifestyle, planning and your budget. Based on what we talk about, I will send you my proposal within a few days. After your permission, I will start our fun journey.

(Concept) Design Phase

This is where the design vision and plan comes to life. I will process all of the information that I’ve received from you into a tailormade interior design. I will deliver a pair of floor plans and my first thought of a design solution.

First Presentation

Together we will discuss this (concept) design. You choose your best floorplan before I finish it as a final design. I will take your review into a final design plan.

(Final) Design Phase

This is when the design plan gets done! You will receive your final design plan. The plan will be delivered either in a paper book form or digital. Just let me know what you prefer. In this presentation, you will find the advice of furniture, even the colors and what to put on your wall. You can start ordering, installing your furniture and decorating your future home. How exciting! 

Finishing and Realisation Phase

When you’re busy with your work and daily activities, I can imagine, that you sometimes do not have extra time to focus on realizing your interior.  Ordering, handling, installing, decorating and pulling together. I am willing to help you to realise and finish the journey. My years of experience in the building and interior industry, gave me lots of confidence on how the business can be done, so you can focus on the fun part of your life.