Interior Design Services

An interior design service is based on what you need and your requirements. I offer different service levels to meet your needs. Below you will find my services. The prices are incl. 21% BTW / VAT and based on a space max. 50 m2 (same floor, for example living and kitchen).


Floor plan assistance


This is a perfect first step for your interior. Let me to look over your plans before you start with re-arranging your space or purchasing your new sofa. You love to do everything yourself but you have doubts whether the size of your new sofa fits in your space. I will find a perfect solution for your floorplan.

  • Options of floorplan
  • Discussing these options before finalizing a final floorplan.
  • Final floorplan

Investment € 395,-


Full assisting interior design incl. 3D impressions


You have bought a new house. You have just moved in. You will change and re-arrange your property. Simply, you have a beautiful plan and need a new “look and feel” for your house. Due to the deadline, so many choices you have to make and you’re stressing out. You can’t make a clearly decision. With this recipe, I will assist you from beginning to end.

What can you expect? All the interior elements that you need, such as vision of your interior plan, a floor plan, a personalized advice on furnishing, products and colors & materials including lighting. The product list of your room will be delivered. With this recipe, you are ready to shop and execute the plan.

Investment € 1795,-


Full assisting interior design incl. 3D impressions and coördination


You will be completely unburdened. This recipe is ideal if you, due to the hustle and bustle of work, household and other reason, don’t have a time to realize the interior design plan. Don’t worry. I can help you. I can take this from your hands with your permission first.

Through my years of experience in the construction and interior world, I know how to handle the business: Putting the orders, deliveries and contacts with suppliers. You name it. This way you can focus on your fun stuff.

Investment va. € 2595,-

Every interior has its own story.